The Game Quotes

I manage images, not insecurities. - The Game [ Dionne ]
Are you mad because he’s cheating? Is he cheatin on you? Is he abusive? BLINK! I can get you to a safe house! - The Game [ Tasha Mack ]
Check the mini-bar. The champagne is missing, we’re in trouble. It’s a stripper’s energy drink. - The Game [ Kelly Pitts ]
Joan you’re not negotiating for sane people. They repo’d my car while I was getting a bikini wax! - The Game [ Melanie Barnett ]
Ok all rookies listen up! Here are the rules to assigned seating: you sit in the seat to which you are ASSIGNED. - The Game [ Tasha Mack ]
Well this is the first game of the REAL season. So get your REAL ass in your REAL seat! - The Game [ Tasha Mack ]
You do know I’m not going to med school ONLINE right? - The Game [ Melanie Barnett ]
Lord you blessed us each with exciting new journeys. Please don’t let those journeys get in the way of our journey together. And it’s not that my journey is any more important. Its just that her journey goes right by the dry cleaners! - The Game [ Derwin Davis ]
You don’t feel your sperm count dropping? - The Game [ Melanie Barnett ]
Forget it I’m just gon’ sit down the whole night… In fact I have to. My pants just split! - The Game [ Derwin Davis ]