Unrequited Love Quotes

Your dead silence explains it all, I get it… but before you turn away… look me in the eyes again, I want to see the light for one last time before my world… returns… to black… - R.M. Drake
I sank to the bottom of the ocean, the moment you said ‘I love you’ because I knew it was a lie but… I wanted to hear it again… - R.M. Drake
He wanted things that he didn’t need and I was the one who was tryna make him see that he had it all cause he had my all but he’s a lost cause. Guess you cannot save them all. - Jhené Aiko
You didn’t even turn around to look back. Didn’t even stay to watch me cry. Now when I turn around to look back, everything you said was a lie. - Pia Mia
Now I’m just holding on to something so far gone.. Oh where did I go wrong? - Mariah Carey
Just like a penny dropped on the ground that everyone’s kicking, not caring about. That’s how you made me feel. - Pia Mia
I told you how you hurt me, baby, but you don’t care. Now I’m crying and deserted baby but you don’t care. - Beyoncé
Just like lost and found, I was hoping you would come back for me. - Pia Mia
We never tire of loving, we get tired of not being loved. - Unknown
I’d rather be the pain that you remember than the love you forgot. - Unknown