Lyrics Quotes

Have you seen my fucks to give? I have none. - Jhené Aiko
Now the ball is in my court, I make my moves, I play my sport. Then you come back, I don’t fall for it, I shut that shit down, shut that shit down. - Pia Mia
He wanted things that he didn’t need and I was the one who was tryna make him see that he had it all cause he had my all but he’s a lost cause. Guess you cannot save them all. - Jhené Aiko
On a long, sweet, summer night all the kisses you bring me get my temperature right. Long, sweet, summer night… I will love you in the daytime too if it’s the only other thing that I do. - The Thorns
Mr. Popular, why are you alone now? Mr. Popular, where are all your hoes now? - Jhené Aiko
You, you’re on my mind like double time. I’m starting to need you. I can’t seem to find another line. I only repeat you. - Pia Mia
You didn’t even turn around to look back. Didn’t even stay to watch me cry. Now when I turn around to look back, everything you said was a lie. - Pia Mia
Just like a penny dropped on the ground that everyone’s kicking, not caring about. That’s how you made me feel. - Pia Mia
I don’t mean to but I love you - Jhené Aiko
Hey there Mr. President, I could be your Marilyn. - Pia Mia