Loyalty Quotes

You know, the Andy I know is madly in love with Nate. Is always five minutes early and thinks, I don’t know, Club Monoco is couture. For the last 16 years, I’ve known everything about that Andy, but this person? This glamazon who skulks around in corners with some random hot fashion guy? I don’t get her. - The Devil Wears Prada [ Lily ]
I don’t care if she was gonna fire you or beat you with a red hot poker you should have said NO! - The Devil Wears Prada [ Emily ]
I am married to fashion and I will remain faithful. - Dirk Bikkembergs
A friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. - Walter Winchell
Now Roger that. Roger that. Where Roger at? I heard Rog a rat. Fuck around and never get Roger back. - Lil Wayne
In high school I used to think it was like soooo cool if a guy had an awesome car. Now none of that matters. These days I look for character and honesty and trust. - Taylor Swift
It’s about a connection. Guys who can give me that complete blissful feeling inside. Guys who have great relationships with their moms. That’s really important. The relationship with the mother is where they learn respect & loyalty & all those things that are important. - Rihanna