Love Quotes

On a long, sweet, summer night all the kisses you bring me get my temperature right. Long, sweet, summer night… I will love you in the daytime too if it’s the only other thing that I do. - The Thorns
One truism in life my friend: when that Jones come down, it’ll be a muthafucka. - Love Jones [ Savon ]
You, you’re on my mind like double time. I’m starting to need you. I can’t seem to find another line. I only repeat you. - Pia Mia
The hottest love has the coldest end. - Socrates
I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him. - Twilight [ Bella Swan ]
I think that I am Mr. Romance. You know, I believe in that shit like flowers, candy, all that. Just not every day! That’s not me. It could be costly! - Love Jones [ Hollywood ]
Love is like war: easy to start, hard to end, and impossible to forget. - Unknown
We do not exist in any other instant. Here in this dimension you and I are meant to be. I have waited lifetimes to find you. Now that you’re here I can remind you of the things you’ve been dreamin’ times two. - Jhené Aiko
I don’t mean to but I love you - Jhené Aiko
Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong. - Ella Fitzgerald