Love Quotes

Every love story ever written was a stranger to what we had, they had never met such substance… which could never be defined with words - R.M. Drake
Just when I thought I had it all under control… you happened, and you brought a different kind of darkness… and in an instant the stars just, appeared… - R.M. Drake
Everything that has happened, all the pain… the tears… the anger… the sleepless nights, were for a reason… to bring me closer to you - R.M. Drake
That space between us left a part of me in twilight… I am lost now & I never want to be found… unless it’s you, guiding me home… - R.M. Drake
And your laugh was the beginning of the end… you captured my heart… and I was doomed… - R.M. Drake
If you tell me we are impossible to be together… then I will do something impossible, to prove you wrong… - R.M. Drake
You know this aint no love thang. We just kickin it. - Love Jones [ Darius Lovehall ]
I sank to the bottom of the ocean, the moment you said ‘I love you’ because I knew it was a lie but… I wanted to hear it again… - R.M. Drake
When night falls you’ll be my type of shadow. - R.M. Drake
And our love was like gravity, two objects in the universe drawn to one another… Forever… - R.M. Drake