Love Quotes

She got me wit her charm, my wings are my arms, now we flyin’ over chicken heads shittin’ on ya farm. - Lil Wayne
I haven’t had that one great love which is good. I don’t want that to be in the past, I want it to be in the future. - Taylor Swift
I don’t ever want to have to depend on a relationship. I think it’s a really special thing to find love. It’s beautiful. Nothing can match it. But I want to make sure that I find other things in life that I love besides… love. - Rihanna
Love is great, love is fine. Out the box, outta line. - Rihanna
I love the feeling you bring to me, oh you turn me on. - Rihanna
Hey boy, I really wanna be wit you cause you’re just my type. Oh nah nah nah nah - Rihanna
Baby you got me. And aint nowhere that I’d be than with your arms around me. Back and forth you rock me. - Rihanna
So I surrender to every word you whisper. Every door you enter, I will let you in. - Rihanna
You’re so amazin’, you took the time to figure me out. That’s why you take me way past the point of turnin me on. - Rihanna
You bout to break me. I swear you got me losin my mind. - Rihanna