Haters Quotes

They can say anything to assassinate my character! What that showed me? REMEMBER! Remember this lack of a conscience when I come out! Remember this lack of MERCY when I come out! Remember this lack of COMPASSION when I come out! But now I come out and everybody wanna calm down and relax and forget what you said!! - Tupac
They know in they heart. That’s why they in hell now. They can’t sleep. That’s why they tellin all the reporters and all the people “why they doin this they fuckin up hip hop dududu” cause they in hell. They can’t make money, they can’t go anywhere, they can’t look at they selves cause they know the Prodigal’s Son has returned. I’m alive! The ghost is walking around. And I’m alive TALKING. In jail I didn’t talk. I made peace. - Tupac
Yes I did say Thug Life was dead, yes I bowed out, all of that. But when they said that, they breathed new life in me. And Thug Life not only became a rap group, but it became a way of life FO’ LIFE for me. Because they disrespected me, my name, my family, what I had been through. They said that I couldn’t be in pain. I could not feel, I could not be hurt. - Tupac
When I think about it, I really do take some pleasure in the negativity. I don’t want to say I’m turned on by it but I’m turned on by it! - Rihanna
I have to do what makes me happy – what I feel like doing. There is always someone not liking what you do. - Rihanna
People have a lot of crazy opinions on things. Things I say, things I wear, places I go. It’s just stupid. It’s bullshit. - Rihanna
You think I give a fuck what you think about me dressing sexy? I love it. Come on! I love you hating me for it. - Rihanna
I would rather be hated every damn day of my life for being real than loved for being something I’m not. - Aubrey O'Day
Women you have power in your pussy. Step your pussy up. Get what you need, get what you want. Stop hatin on the next bitch. Its not about sucking some man’s dick. It’s about getting to the place that Monica Lewinsky got to and using it to benefit you. - Nicki Minaj