Haters Quotes

I understand girls talk behind my back. But the thing is, I’m real and that’s something they lack. - Unknown
Keep your head high gorgeous. There are people who would kill to see you fall! - Unknown
Take the shoes off your teeth and stop runnin’ your mouth. - Lil Wayne
Tell ’em keep my name out they mouth cuz they don’t know me. - Lil Wayne
My name like honey, got alotta bitches buzzin’. - Lil Wayne
Call me whatcha want. I don’t give a finger in the middle. - Lil Wayne
I never give a fuck about a hater, got money on my radar. - Lil Wayne
I don’t care what you say so don’t even speak. - Lil Wayne
You faggots scared cause I’m too wild, been here for awhile, I was like fuck trial. - Lil Wayne
I puts it down I’m so Young Money, if you got eyes look at me now BITCH. - Lil Wayne