God Quotes

I have a hard time believing that a God that is nothing but love will purposely create a creature inferior to another. It is impossible. My mind, my soul will never understand that because it is unnatural. - Zoe Saldana
You went up stairs!? Oh my God why didn’t you just climb into bed with her and ask for a bed time story?! - The Devil Wears Prada [ Emily ]
Darling, shall we? We have to get to the beauty department and God knows how long that’s going to take. - The Devil Wears Prada [ Nigel ]
Do you know why I hired you? I always hire the same girl. Stylish, slender, of course… worships the magazine. But so often they turn out to be.. I don’t know, disappointing and um… stupid. So, YOU with that impressive résumé and the big speech about your so-called work ethic, I um, I thought you would be different. I said to myself, go ahead. Take a chance. Hire the.. smart, fat girl. I had hope. My God. I live on it. Anyway, you ended up disappointing me more than, um.. more than any of the other silly girls. - The Devil Wears Prada [ Miranda Priestly ]
If God had wanted me otherwise, He would have created me otherwise. - Johann von Goethe
Lord you blessed us each with exciting new journeys. Please don’t let those journeys get in the way of our journey together. And it’s not that my journey is any more important. Its just that her journey goes right by the dry cleaners! - The Game [ Derwin Davis ]
You scared? Go to church, say your prayers, read a Bible. - Lil Wayne
If God give me breath in 20 more years, I see myself changing the world because my thought patterns are so opposite of whats the norm. So I would have to change the world or I have to be changed by the world. - Tupac
I got this Jesus tattoo on my wrist when I was 18 because I know that it’s always going to be a part of me. When I’m playing, it’s staring right back at me saying ‘Remember where you came from.’ - Katy Perry
I don’t know what I would do without a God that blesses me with the ability to do this. - Miley Cyrus