Family Quotes

Originally we planned to stay independent, but we kept getting so many calls from different labels. It was very overwhelming, but really what it came down to is we found people that felt like family. I didn’t want to get trapped in a deal where I felt like I wasn’t making any of the decisions because I know what I want and I don’t want to be pushed around. - Pia Mia
As long as you’re doing your best, putting your all into what you do, and are surrounded by family and people with good vibes and try to stay positive then you’ll do well. - Pia Mia
I was named after my Aunt Mia. She was the only girl in the family at the time and when I was born they just wanted to make her feel special. She and I are really close. She really helped raise me and we’re like best friends. - Pia Mia
Bitchbook, Slutbook, they need to call it Fuckbook. Profile pic is hot, but in person you look Yuckbook. Hellbook, Tellbook, bitches can’t Spellbook. Hate behind your back, but in person wish you Wellbook. Glitchbook, Snitchbook, Fake Family Listbook. I understand subliminals, you’re trying to steal my Manbook. Rudebook, Feudbook, tell your every Movebook. Don’t ever need TV cause the drama is here: FACEBOOK! - Unknown
Welcome to Facebook: the place where relationships are perfect, liars believe their own bullshit and the world pretends they are living a great life; where your enemies are the ones that visit your profile the most, your friends and family block you and even though you write what you are really thinking, there is always someone that takes it the wrong way. - Unknown
Niggas is hypocrites! You read where I gave my whole soul to you muthafuckas and said “Yo I’m through I just wanna chill I just wanna live life” and muthafuckas took shots from every direction! They thought that meant that I’m gay now. Here fuck me in the ass now! So okay. You wanna see some macho shit? I’m the most macho nigga out here! I’m the most.. I thought you niggas knew! I’m the most thuggish nigga out here! I have no muthafuckin fear, I have NO FEAR I have only ambition and I want mine and I will do anything to protect and feed my family! - Tupac
Yes I did say Thug Life was dead, yes I bowed out, all of that. But when they said that, they breathed new life in me. And Thug Life not only became a rap group, but it became a way of life FO’ LIFE for me. Because they disrespected me, my name, my family, what I had been through. They said that I couldn’t be in pain. I could not feel, I could not be hurt. - Tupac
The only people that you really have that I learned are your family because they love you no matter what. - Miley Cyrus
I will learn from my mistakes & trust my support team. My family & my faith will guide me through my life’s journey. - Miley Cyrus