Confidence Quotes

They say I’m the shit… well apparently! - Unknown
Everyone asks me what kinda style I think I have. I don’t really know cause I kinda just throw together what I feel like that day. But what I would say for fashion is just kinda like it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks is a trend or what everyone else thinks is cool It’s like if you feel good in it and you feel confident in it then wear it. - Pia Mia
There can be no friendship without confidence, and no confidence without integrity. - Samuel Johnson
If you have the right amount of confidence, you can rock whatever you want. You can rock a dang trash bag and make it as fashionable as you’d like, as long as you have the confidence to carry it. I think that is the best accessory that anyone could have. - Zendaya
I’m not defined by sex, I’m not defined by race, I’m not defined by a nationality: I’m Zoe. - Zoe Saldana
It’s almost like fairy dust, you know what I mean? Like you sprinkle your confidence over something, it just makes it fabulous automatically. - Zendaya
I know who I am. I love who I am. I like what I do and I like how I do it. And I like my mistakes and I like the way I learn and I like the pace with which I learn my mistakes. I don’t want to be anybody else but me. And by knowing this I want to continue figuring out who the fuck I am. - Zoe Saldana
No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. - Eleanor Roosevelt
I don’t think that there’s ever a quick fix to completely loving yourself in any phase. I think that that will always take time. I don’t think that everything’s as easy as a diet pill or a new workout plan or anything like that. I think that all of it has to do with how you feel about yourself internally and the relationship you have with yourself. A lot of that unfortunately is continuously being affected by external forces. Every day I try to get up and love myself no matter how I look or where I want to be. - Aubrey O'Day
I don’t like to gamble. I work too hard for my money. But if it’s one thing I’ll bet on, it’s myself. - Beyoncé