Broken Heart Quotes

I’d rather be the pain that you remember than the love you forgot. - Unknown
Hope you’ll forgive me, never meant wrong. Tried to be patient, but waited too long. But I would’ve came back.. But I would’ve came back for you. - Drake
I can tell that you been cryin’ all night, drinkin’ all summer, prayin’ for your happiness, hope that you recover. - Drake
It may seem like the wrong thing to do, but you have to forget about the guy who forgot about you. - Unknown
I want to say I deserve better and mean it. I want to say I give up and believe it. I want to say I’m moving on and do it. - Unknown
Love never broke anyone’s heart, it’s the losing of love that’s to blame. - Vince Gill
I ran across a picture you took of me and you crossed my mind. I can still hear you saying you love me when I close my eyes. - Unknown
I can only nod my head and smile because there are a million things I’d like to say to you and Im afraid they’ll all come out at once. It’s true. I miss you. - Unknown
I miss the way you held my hand. I miss the way you looked into my eyes. I miss the way you felt for me. - Unknown
And now we hardly talk, but you had so much to say those nights where there was skin on skin and I could feel your pulse. Considering I thought it meant a little more than this, I guess it’s mostly you I’m starting to miss. - Unknown