Break Up Quotes

Just like lost and found, I was hoping you would come back for me. - Pia Mia
Thought I told you not to trust these hoes. Say they love you and you know they don’t. Say they will but shit you know they won’t. Yeah you hear me you don’t feel me though. - Jhené Aiko
Please don’t take this personal, but you ain’t shit and you weren’t special til I made you so. You better act like you know. - Jhené Aiko
And then when we get back to New York, we need to contact, um… Leslie to see what she can do to minimize the press… on all this. Another divorce… splashed across Page Six. I can just imagine what they’re gonna write about me. ‘The Dragon Lady, Career-Obsessed. Snow Queen Drives Away Another Mr. Priestly’. Rupert Murdoch should cut me a check for all the papers I sell for him. Anyway, I don’t… I don’t really care what anybody writes about me. But my… my girls, I just… It’s just so unfair to the girls. It’s just… another disappointment, another letdown, another father… figure… gone. Anyway, the point is… the point is… the point is we really need to figure out where to place Donatella because she’s barely speaking to anyone. - The Devil Wears Prada [ Miranda Priestly ]
Well, if you speak to him and he decides to rethink the divorce then, yes, fetch away. You’re very fetching. So… go fetch. - The Devil Wears Prada [ Miranda Priestly ]
We never tire of loving, we get tired of not being loved. - Unknown
I’d rather be the pain that you remember than the love you forgot. - Unknown
Hope you’ll forgive me, never meant wrong. Tried to be patient, but waited too long. But I would’ve came back.. But I would’ve came back for you. - Drake
I can tell that you been cryin’ all night, drinkin’ all summer, prayin’ for your happiness, hope that you recover. - Drake
I never promised you a happy ending. You never said that you wouldn’t make me cry. But summer love will keep us warm long after our autumn goodbye. - Unknown