Break Up Quotes

Our love was a weapon of mass destruction… before our naked eyes, our worlds burned and crumbled into nothing, and together we rested in it’s ashes… covered in the comforting memories of our undying… love… - R.M. Drake
Your dead silence explains it all, I get it… but before you turn away… look me in the eyes again, I want to see the light for one last time before my world… returns… to black… - R.M. Drake
It just didn’t make any sense at all… because the more I tried to forget you… the more everything reminds me… of you… - R.M. Drake
And your laugh was the beginning of the end… you captured my heart… and I was doomed… - R.M. Drake
You left so much inside me, and it’s too heavy to move on my own. I left so much inside you, and I’ve lost direction to all I’ve ever known. - R.M. Drake
Now the ball is in my court, I make my moves, I play my sport. Then you come back, I don’t fall for it, I shut that shit down, shut that shit down. - Pia Mia
‘Red Love’ was a little bit of an awkward one to write. It’s a really close song to my heart. The song wasn’t about debating whether or not to take your relationship further. It’s about how you took it as far as you wanted to — and you kind of regretted it after. - Pia Mia
You didn’t even turn around to look back. Didn’t even stay to watch me cry. Now when I turn around to look back, everything you said was a lie. - Pia Mia
Now I’m just holding on to something so far gone.. Oh where did I go wrong? - Mariah Carey
I told you how you hurt me, baby, but you don’t care. Now I’m crying and deserted baby but you don’t care. - Beyoncé