Boy Quotes

Irregardless!! Ex boyfriends are just off limits to friends I mean that’s just like the rules of feminism! - Mean Girls [ Gretchen Wieners ]
Mr. Popular, why are you alone now? Mr. Popular, where are all your hoes now? - Jhené Aiko
Guys are like stars there are millions of them but only one will make your dreams come true. - Unknown
Mom, if I wanna talk boys I’ll call dad. At least he’s successfully dating one. - The Vampire Diaries [ Caroline Forbes ]
I was really afraid of them. Like seriously they really freaked me out. Like tall guys I just, idk, they always looked really awkward. & then even when like Khloe met Lamar like when I first met him I’m like don’t stand up it really scares me like he’s so tall! & so I’m like the biggest hypocrite now cause now I feel so tiny, & small & so protected. It’s like the best feeling in the world to be with a really tall guy. You feel like so safe all the time.. & skinny & tiny. - Kim Kardashian
I really hope you’re not one of those guys who now that we’re together tries to change everything about me. - The Vampire Diaries [ Vicki Donovan ]
Be my guitar hero, play me like Lenny. Strummin me legendary, play me like Jimmy. Teach me a new song, boy I know plenty. Play me like a rock star, strummin on my guitar. Oooh it’s getting intense. Make me hear doves cry, play me like Prince. And now you playin me, so I guess I gotta sing. Get down get down guitar hero, yeah. - Jhené Aiko
Ugh Andy. Be serious. You are not trying. You are whining. What is it that you want me to say to you, huh? Do you want me to say, ‘Poor you, Miranda’s picking on you. Poor you, poor Andy’? Hmm? Wake up, six! She’s just doing her job. Don’t you know that you are working at the place that published some of the greatest artists of this century? Halston, Lagerfield, de la Renta? And what they did, what they created was greater than art. Because you live your life in it. Well not you, obviously, but some people. You think this is just a magazine? Hmm? This is not just a magazine? This is a shining beacon of hope for.. oh, I don’t know.. let’s say a young boy growing up in Rhode Island with 6 brothers pretending to go to soccer practice when he was really going to sewing class and reading Runway under the covers at night with a flashlight. You have no idea how many legends have walked these halls and what’s worse, you don’t care. Cause this place where so many people would die to work, you only deign to work. And you want to know why she doesn’t kiss you on the forehead and give you a gold star on your homework at the end of the day. Wake up, sweetheart. - The Devil Wears Prada [ Nigel ]
I love women’s fashion, but women don’t need me as much as men do. It’s the men who have nothing to wear. - Roberto Cavalli
In every girl’s life there’s a boy she’ll never forget and a summer where it all began. - Unknown