Body Image Quotes

Make sure you check out her mom’s boob job. They’re hard as rocks! - Mean Girls [ Gretchen Wieners ]
I don’t think that there’s ever a quick fix to completely loving yourself in any phase. I think that that will always take time. I don’t think that everything’s as easy as a diet pill or a new workout plan or anything like that. I think that all of it has to do with how you feel about yourself internally and the relationship you have with yourself. A lot of that unfortunately is continuously being affected by external forces. Every day I try to get up and love myself no matter how I look or where I want to be. - Aubrey O'Day
I was really afraid of them. Like seriously they really freaked me out. Like tall guys I just, idk, they always looked really awkward. & then even when like Khloe met Lamar like when I first met him I’m like don’t stand up it really scares me like he’s so tall! & so I’m like the biggest hypocrite now cause now I feel so tiny, & small & so protected. It’s like the best feeling in the world to be with a really tall guy. You feel like so safe all the time.. & skinny & tiny. - Kim Kardashian
I’m just one stomach flu away from my goal weight. - The Devil Wears Prada [ Emily ]
Oh yeah. A little Crisco and some fishing line and we’re in business. (on whether the dress he’s holding will fit Andrea) - The Devil Wears Prada [ Nigel ]
Do you know why I hired you? I always hire the same girl. Stylish, slender, of course… worships the magazine. But so often they turn out to be.. I don’t know, disappointing and um… stupid. So, YOU with that impressive résumé and the big speech about your so-called work ethic, I um, I thought you would be different. I said to myself, go ahead. Take a chance. Hire the.. smart, fat girl. I had hope. My God. I live on it. Anyway, you ended up disappointing me more than, um.. more than any of the other silly girls. - The Devil Wears Prada [ Miranda Priestly ]
Corn chowder.. That’s an interesting choice. You do know that cellulite is one of the main ingredients in corn chowder? - The Devil Wears Prada [ Nigel ]
Tell Richard I saw all the pictures that he sent for that feature on the female paratroopers and they’re all so deeply unattractive. Is it impossible to find a lovely, slender, female paratrooper? Am I reaching for the stars here? Not really. Also, I need to see all the things that Nigel has pulled for Gwyneth’s second cover try. I wonder if she’s lost any of that weight yet. - The Devil Wears Prada [ Miranda Priestly ]
My life is all math. I am trying to add to my income, subtract from my weight, divide my time, and avoid multiplying. - Unknown
If you ask any lady they want to be taller, they want to be slimmer, you know, and they want a waist. I’m not here to make people look like a sack of potatoes. - Alexander McQueen