Being Unique Quotes

Be a fruit loop in a world of cheerios. - Unknown
Someone will always be prettier. Someone will always be smarter. Someone will always be younger. But they will never be you. - Unknown
I’m probably in the sky, flyin’ wit the fishes. Or maybe in the ocean, swimmin’ wit the pigeons. See my world is different, like Dwayne Wayne. And if you want trouble bitch I want the same thang - Lil Wayne
If God give me breath in 20 more years, I see myself changing the world because my thought patterns are so opposite of whats the norm. So I would have to change the world or I have to be changed by the world. - Tupac
Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. - Marilyn Monroe
I’m intimidated by the by the fear of being average. - Taylor Swift
When I was 14 and first started going out, I always wanted to be the opposite of everyone else. - Rihanna
It’s become more about taking a risk. When I am putting looks together, I dare myself to make something work. I always look for the most interesting silhouette or something that’s a little off, but I have to figure it out. I have to make it me. I think that’s the thrill in fashion. - Rihanna
I wanted to stand out. And the only way I could do that was by taking charge of my image and my sound. - Rihanna
I have become numb to the idea that I am going to get shit for doing things that push boundaries & go to the edge. - Rihanna