Backstabbing Quotes

Backstabbers are only powerful when your back is turned. - Unknown
Insecurity is the reason why backstabbers are born. - Unknown
Backstabbers will almost always seek to gain your trust. This usually involves some form of flattery on their part. - Unknown
Even the most unlikely person can stab you in the back. - Unknown
To the ones who chose to stab me in the back: stay fake. You always were. - Unknown
Everybody that thinks that I disrespected or.. I LOVE my East coast fans, I’m from there. I’m eatin New York pizza, I drive New York jeeps, wanna hear New York…. but I’m sayin let’s keep it real for a second. If you half the lover of music that you are, STUDY. Go back and study. Study how Party and Bullshit was me BEFORE I met Biggie. You don’t hear my style in his rap. Study how AFTER I met Biggie, Ready 2 Die come out, his whole style change. STUDY. Study why I would be mad! Study why I would be mad when half of New York, half of the major New York rappers or they managers or they agents or they SOMEbody was there when I got shot and nobody could give me no information. Just study that! Study how when Wu-Tang got their chain snatched at 6-6-deuce, I not only found WHO did it, but gave them the message that if they wanna see the niggas that did it they could see em! Man to Man! Just you and them, no guns no nothin. If you feel like that. That’s all I asked for. - Tupac
A true heiress is never mean to anyone… Except a girl who steals your boyfriend. - Paris Hilton