Sorority Row Quotes

Well he, she, or it is about to get 2 rounds to the face! - Sorority Row [ Mrs. Crenshaw ]
Nooo don’t go out there.. What? I tried to warn her. - Sorority Row [ Jessica ]
If you wanted to see perfect tits, all you had to do was ask. - Sorority Row [ Riley ]
Oh yeah? Well maybe I’m fucking the wrong guy! - Sorority Row [ Jessica ]
I’m really starting to think he’s not marriage material! - Sorority Row [ Jessica ]
Show a little skin, you’re in! - Sorority Row [ Mick ]
Come on we’ll both do Ellie! You’re always saying we need to do more stuff together! - Sorority Row [ Andy ]
Cheers slut! - Sorority Row [ Chugs ]
When I pick up a book the first thing I do is read the last page. - Sorority Row [ Senator Tyson ]
FYI, waxing isn’t just for floors anymore! - Sorority Row [ Riley ]