Love Jones Quotes

You fucked him didn’t you? And you weren’t even gonna tell me. You ain’t slick! You can’t keep that kinda shit from me! I can’t believe you fucked him on the first date! Hoe! - Love Jones [ Josie ]
I think that you’re incredibly beautiful. - Love Jones [ Darius Lovehall ]
Nah nah I can’t mess wit yall parties. Man yall don’t serve no food. Carrots! I need some food that had parents man, you know what I mean? I need some cow up in there, you know what I’m sayin? Some ribs.. something! - Love Jones [ Darius Lovehall ]
You the shooter aint you? Then shoot me got dammit, immortalize my shit! How’s my light, hold on…. Is this good for me right here, this light? Is this alright? Hold up here… I can’t have you making me look bad, you know? Although you would have to shoot like my moms to make me look bad and she got cataracts. - Love Jones [ Hollywood ]
Man please, rarely do I divulge the location to the secret batcave. You lucky ain knock yo ass out wit some spray! - Love Jones [ Darius Lovehall ]
You see Ed, I have these amazing powers over women. I just can’t explain it. Sorta like a curse or something. But lucky for you mere mortals I use my powers for good and not for evil, know what I’m saying? - Love Jones [ Hollywood ]
People with profound insights on life know not to get married. And those who do oughta know that marriage is what you make it. - Love Jones [ Savon ]
You’re with who you’re with. You just gotta try to make it work. - Love Jones [ Savon ]
You know this aint no love thang. We just kickin it. - Love Jones [ Darius Lovehall ]
D you better put your name on that boy that’s better than Michael Jordan comeback man. - Love Jones [ Savon ]