Tupac Quotes

If God give me breath in 20 more years, I see myself changing the world because my thought patterns are so opposite of whats the norm. So I would have to change the world or I have to be changed by the world. - Tupac
That’s like me being mad at my little brother cause he get cash now. No I’m not mad at that, I’m just mad at my little brother when he don’t respect me. Now when you don’t respect me Imma spank ya ass I don’t give a fuck how rich you got on the block I’m your BIG brother. I will break your big ass down!! [on beef with Biggie] - Tupac
Money is evil if it’s not handled right. If you lose your composure you could do anything. - Tupac
If you gon act like you a gangster or a g or the king of New York, Imma expect that. And when you don’t come through then Imma wanna crush your empire and that’s what it’s time for. - Tupac
They can say anything to assassinate my character! What that showed me? REMEMBER! Remember this lack of a conscience when I come out! Remember this lack of MERCY when I come out! Remember this lack of COMPASSION when I come out! But now I come out and everybody wanna calm down and relax and forget what you said!! - Tupac
Niggas is hypocrites! You read where I gave my whole soul to you muthafuckas and said “Yo I’m through I just wanna chill I just wanna live life” and muthafuckas took shots from every direction! They thought that meant that I’m gay now. Here fuck me in the ass now! So okay. You wanna see some macho shit? I’m the most macho nigga out here! I’m the most.. I thought you niggas knew! I’m the most thuggish nigga out here! I have no muthafuckin fear, I have NO FEAR I have only ambition and I want mine and I will do anything to protect and feed my family! - Tupac
This is not a new allegiance to the West coast. I’ve been on the West coast all this time. It’s just because SOME PEOPLE, not all, some people on the East coast be on they dick so hard that they never heard me say that I’m livin on the West coast! It’s just that by me keeping it real I always said where I came from! I always gave New York their props. - Tupac
Why is it not Hip Hop when I do it? - Tupac
Why everybody else can have a war, have beef within the music, talk about differences and “it’s okay, it’s music, it’s Hip Hop, it’s grown breaking”. When I do it, “it’s WAR”. - Tupac
I did more for the East coast than the East coast did! I put more guns in East coast niggas hands than East coast niggas did when they came out here! I put them niggas on to more weed gates and weed spots and safe havens and safe spots than the East coast did! I put more rappers on than they did! I gave Biggie his first shows! I was that bridge that niggas used to walk on to get over here! I explained it! I’m the one that told you! I’m why all these niggas rolling round with a gang banger on their payroll now. - Tupac