Tupac Quotes

We got organization because we peeped game. & it’s not the mob, really, that we seen, it’s really the GOVERNMENT. They the biggest mob! That’s who we study! - Tupac
These niggas can’t touch us! They can’t! Really it’s funny! - Tupac
I thought I could retire & move on. When I moved on to the so-called real world, the civilized world? These muthafuckas is worse than the niggas in the streets! - Tupac
The streets didn’t teach me that thug life can never die, the WORLD taught me that! - Tupac
I was a raised a little young nigga doing bad shit. Talked much shit cause I never had shit. - Tupac
Mo niggas, mo niggas, mo niggas… Rather be a dead than a poor nigga. - Tupac
I reminisce on the stress I caused, it was hell. Huggin on my mama from my jail cell. - Tupac
And who’d think in elementary.. hey, I’d see the penitentiary one day? - Tupac
And even as a crack fiend mama, you always was a black queen mama. - Tupac
I finally understand for a woman it aint easy tryna raise a man. - Tupac