Rihanna Quotes

So confused, wanna ask you if you love me. But I don’t wanna seem so weak. - Rihanna
Maybe I’ve been California dreamin’. - Rihanna
I haven’t gotten a dick picture in a long time. I think people are a little afraid. It can turn out bad. - Rihanna
I put my guard up so hard. I didn’t want people to see me cry. I didn’t want people to feel bad for me. It was a very vulnerable time in my life and I refused to let that be the image. I wanted them to see me as “I’m fine, I’m tough.” I put that up until it felt real. [on Chris Brown incident] - Rihanna
It’s disgusting how gorgeous she is. Anytime I introduce my friends to her, male or female, the ride back always consists of “What does she drink, the blood of virgins?” [on her bff Katy Perry’s beauty] - Rihanna
Men be fallin’ like the rain so we aint runnin out. - Rihanna
Oh it’s rainin men girl what you worried bout? - Rihanna
All you need to know that I’m a 2 times 5. Load it, cock it, aim it baby boom bye bye. Set ya standards lower boy you aimin too high. Matter of fact your friend looks better so.. GOOD BYE! - Rihanna
I said hey! Outta my way. Where my ladies? Riding big, livin good, doing big things. And we dont play. Playa keep ya money, I can buy my own drink. - Rihanna
See men come a dime a dozen so it don’t mean nothin to me. And I aint even worried bout ya homie cause it’s plenty mo’ fish in the sea. - Rihanna