Rihanna Quotes

You think I give a fuck what you think about me dressing sexy? I love it. Come on! I love you hating me for it. - Rihanna
I try not to get too concerned by what someone else is doing in the fashion sense. I got my own ideas about that. If it’s a music innovation, then of course I wanna know all about it. - Rihanna
I’m making a movie at the moment & I showed them I could already handle a weapon. They were blown away!.. Not literally. - Rihanna
I don’t think I have ever paid my part of a dinner with Jay-Z. I don’t think the bill ever comes as far as I recall. We just get up & leave so either we are doing something very bad each time or it is all worked out before. - Rihanna
I’m not into trends or trendy style anymore. - Rihanna
I pitch wit a grenade. Swing away if you feeling brave. - Rihanna
There’s so much power in my name, if you pop off and you say it, stadium gon’ do the wave. - Rihanna
I’m such a fuckin lady. - Rihanna
Sometimes it takes a thousand tries to win. - Rihanna
So you don’t wanna wait? I hate to hear that’s such a shame. Cause if you play it sideways, aint no timeout in my game, they already under way. - Rihanna