R.M. Drake Quotes

You poured out from the darkest trenches of my heart and left the deepest footsteps beneath the love.. you masked over the pain - R.M. Drake
You revealed memories like old photos which poisoned my broken soul back to whole, that night we ignored the pain between us and deeply believed we were infinite - R.M. Drake
Our love was a weapon of mass destruction… before our naked eyes, our worlds burned and crumbled into nothing, and together we rested in it’s ashes… covered in the comforting memories of our undying… love… - R.M. Drake
Every love story ever written was a stranger to what we had, they had never met such substance… which could never be defined with words - R.M. Drake
Just when I thought I had it all under control… you happened, and you brought a different kind of darkness… and in an instant the stars just, appeared… - R.M. Drake
When someone has been in your life for sometime, they become a part of you… only to discover when that person is gone, they take a part of you with them and from there on out… you will never be the same person as before… - R.M. Drake
Your dead silence explains it all, I get it… but before you turn away… look me in the eyes again, I want to see the light for one last time before my world… returns… to black… - R.M. Drake
So I cried… and cried… and cried till I couldn’t anymore… the tears became absent… but the pain was still there… - R.M. Drake
Everything that has happened, all the pain… the tears… the anger… the sleepless nights, were for a reason… to bring me closer to you - R.M. Drake
It just didn’t make any sense at all… because the more I tried to forget you… the more everything reminds me… of you… - R.M. Drake