R.M. Drake Quotes

Let’s hold hands in darkness and find a place no one else has ever seen. - R.M. Drake
Teach me how to fly, so I can fall into your arms… and feel safe again… - R.M. Drake
The world would not be the same if the impression of you was never imagined… - R.M. Drake
The thoughts of you flicker like wild birds, they move flutterly rapid… I reach over the edge, risking my existence to be swallowed by oblivion… and all for a ‘touch’… of the idea of you… - R.M. Drake
Fly away and come meet me near the sun, so we can slowly evaporate… into one and get lost in space, somewhere… but together… - R.M. Drake
If the moon crashed in a wilderness of dreams and collided towards the darkest shadows in the earth, would you find it… if I told you it was my heart? I wonder… - R.M. Drake
If there was no bridge to your mind, I’d build one… just so you can think of me - R.M. Drake
And the pain was something they craved, it made them both feel… alive… - R.M. Drake
If my love can’t be expressed with words… I ‘ll use the shades from rainbows and paint you a glace of my heart - R.M. Drake
During the night I closed my eyes and fell more in love with the simplest thoughts of you… - R.M. Drake