Nicki Minaj Quotes

People say why do you call yourself Lewinsky? ‘Oh my gosh she is so degrading herself right now oh my God why is she calling herself that?!’ I felt like Monica Lewinsky took a crazy L. I felt like she was in a position to do something big but she didn’t have the smarts to use her power. & I think females do that all the time. So Lewinsky stands for the chick that’s that close to the president. I’m that close to Lil Wayne. It’s up to me now to use my intelligence to get to the next step. Everything is a stepping stone. Everything is a tool. - Nicki Minaj
Women you have power in your pussy. Step your pussy up. Get what you need, get what you want. Stop hatin on the next bitch. Its not about sucking some man’s dick. It’s about getting to the place that Monica Lewinsky got to and using it to benefit you. - Nicki Minaj
Trash talk to em then I put em in a hefty. Runnin down the court I’m dunkin on em Lisa Leslie. - Nicki Minaj
Bitch I got beef with BEING BROKE!! I don’t give a fuck about you, you or you! I don’t give a fuck who you’re fucking! I don’t give a fuck if you wanna fuck Wayne. Bitch Wayne could fuck you right in front of me I wouldn’t give a FUCK!! Like… I don’t care! I’m tryna be RICH BITCH!! - Nicki Minaj