Lil Wayne Quotes

If you leave you’re leaving the best. So you would have to settle for less. - Lil Wayne
I aint going nowhere special, I won’t ever leave. Shit I’m already a legend if I ever leave. - Lil Wayne
Baby I can bless you when you aint even sneezin’. - Lil Wayne
I can have you dreamin’ when you aint even sleepin’. - Lil Wayne
I aint lookin’ down but I see no one above me. - Lil Wayne
I have more jewels than your jeweler. - Lil Wayne
I got ice, ridiculous price. Your camera has never seen a picture this nice. - Lil Wayne
They like: ‘Yes master, you the best master’. My hoes need me. I’m like test answers. - Lil Wayne
I make paper like trees. - Lil Wayne
My fuckup is a perfect mistake, I’m great. - Lil Wayne