Kim Kardashian Quotes

I was really afraid of them. Like seriously they really freaked me out. Like tall guys I just, idk, they always looked really awkward. & then even when like Khloe met Lamar like when I first met him I’m like don’t stand up it really scares me like he’s so tall! & so I’m like the biggest hypocrite now cause now I feel so tiny, & small & so protected. It’s like the best feeling in the world to be with a really tall guy. You feel like so safe all the time.. & skinny & tiny. - Kim Kardashian
I think my sense of style is evolving. I’m figuring out ways to be sexy without having to flaunt it. - Kim Kardashian
I’m the girl who’s too shy to dance in a nightclub — maybe for one song, and then that’s it. - Kim Kardashian
I really want to be toned. Every girl has her insecurities, whether she is skinny or not. You want to look good when you’re on vacation in a swimsuit. - Kim Kardashian
I don’t like big balls on a dog. - Kim Kardashian
My balance is really bad. I just hope my clumsiness doesn’t show through. - Kim Kardashian
I love curves. Being super skinny just isn’t attractive to me. - Kim Kardashian
I know most celebrities say they don’t read what the press says about them but to be honest I suspect in most cases they don’t want to admit that they actually care what is written about them. I’ll tell you straight up- I do read it! Some of it is true, a lot of it is flattering, and a lot of it is totally off the mark. - Kim Kardashian
Believe it or not, fame is not as glamorous as it seems. I think it is much harder now with all of the media outlets and people can be pretty nasty and harsh. - Kim Kardashian
For me skinny is just a style of jeans. Not a goal! - Kim Kardashian