Jhené Aiko Quotes

Have you seen my fucks to give? I have none. - Jhené Aiko
He wanted things that he didn’t need and I was the one who was tryna make him see that he had it all cause he had my all but he’s a lost cause. Guess you cannot save them all. - Jhené Aiko
Mr. Popular, why are you alone now? Mr. Popular, where are all your hoes now? - Jhené Aiko
We do not exist in any other instant. Here in this dimension you and I are meant to be. I have waited lifetimes to find you. Now that you’re here I can remind you of the things you’ve been dreamin’ times two. - Jhené Aiko
I don’t mean to but I love you - Jhené Aiko
The whole idea of ‘sailing’ is like a play on words, ‘selling’ and ‘sailing.’ It’s like the complete opposite of ‘selling’ yourself for money and fame. To me, ‘sailing’ is going with the wind and being free and not really having a price, sticking to who you are and going with your own flow, which I’d like to think that I do. - Jhené Aiko
I been thru some shit man, but I be on my shit man. I decided that what you give is what you’re given, so I been tryna do it right. I been doing like whatever gets me thru the night… What a life. - Jhené Aiko
Baby if you were a picture I’d be content to just be a caption. - Jhené Aiko
Be my guitar hero, play me like Lenny. Strummin me legendary, play me like Jimmy. Teach me a new song, boy I know plenty. Play me like a rock star, strummin on my guitar. Oooh it’s getting intense. Make me hear doves cry, play me like Prince. And now you playin me, so I guess I gotta sing. Get down get down guitar hero, yeah. - Jhené Aiko
Broken promise of everything that I thought you were. Thought you said this would never hurt. That’s what it did, that is all. - Jhené Aiko