Beyoncé Quotes

I told you how you hurt me, baby, but you don’t care. Now I’m crying and deserted baby but you don’t care. - Beyoncé
I don’t like to gamble. I work too hard for my money. But if it’s one thing I’ll bet on, it’s myself. - Beyoncé
I just want my legacy to be great music. Someone who was a risk taker and someone who had songs that struck conversation and emotion. - Beyoncé
Jay’s music is more than music. His lyrics have fathered generations. All that he has overcome gives millions so much hope. There are moments when I see his lips moving and I can see lyrics floating above his head and I think, ‘Wow! How did I get so lucky to be able to witness this level of genius so closely?’ - Beyoncé
I wanna keep it how it is so you can never say how it used to be. - Beyoncé
If I could change one part it would be my feet. After all the years dancing, they’re a little beat up. And I wear big earrings because I don’t like my ears. - Beyoncé
I decided to take some time off. Now during that time I still worked just because I enjoy my job. One of the things I learned is how much I love it, it’s just in me. - Beyoncé
I’ve always been a Jay-Z groupie. - Beyoncé
I don’t need people to think for me. I’ve never been that way & I don’t ever want to be that way. - Beyoncé
I wanted to make a body of work that took risks – to be brave and be myself, and not focus on being cool. - Beyoncé