Aubrey O'Day Quotes

I never fight for corporate America. If there’s anything I think that you’ve seen about me, it’s that I’m the rebellious girl. I fight for the people, I fight for the underdogs, I wish that I could just be a voice for the people and not have to always have to be connected or tied into different organizations. - Aubrey O'Day
I don’t think that there’s ever a quick fix to completely loving yourself in any phase. I think that that will always take time. I don’t think that everything’s as easy as a diet pill or a new workout plan or anything like that. I think that all of it has to do with how you feel about yourself internally and the relationship you have with yourself. A lot of that unfortunately is continuously being affected by external forces. Every day I try to get up and love myself no matter how I look or where I want to be. - Aubrey O'Day
The problem with your friends setting you up is they always set you up with what they like not with what you like. - Aubrey O'Day
I did not wanna come anywhere near the industry again because I really felt like it had chewed me up & spit me out. - Aubrey O'Day
In all honesty I’m sick of hiding. I’m gonna come forward, I’m gonna let my mouthpiece do the talking & I’m coming for all those people who said I wasn’t gonna make it. - Aubrey O'Day
My greatest moment is still waiting for me & that’s to hit the stage as a solo artist. - Aubrey O'Day
I don’t want a guy to give me a blowout, I want a guy to give me an orgasm! - Aubrey O'Day
To me it just got to a point where celebrity was paying & artistry wasn’t. A girl on a reality tv show that’s trash & ripping out girl’s weaves will get a record deal before the most talented girl. - Aubrey O'Day
You gotta go loud or you gotta go home. - Aubrey O'Day
I would rather be hated every damn day of my life for being real than loved for being something I’m not. - Aubrey O'Day